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Future Pioneers.

Since 09

We grow lifestyle brands (B2B) & direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce businesses with a focus on digital design, environmental design and service design. Our work lives at the intersection of technology, innovation, brand and design.


Our priority is building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. We understand that in today's competitive business landscape, a successful partnership is based on trust, communication, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results.


We have spent over a decade building parternships with the most important design and digital brands on the planet. Through these partnerships, we help our clients push the boundaries of digital possibility.

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The Good Company.

Our dedication to the environment and surrounding communities is deeply ingrained in our culture. On our path to a carbon-neutral organisation, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility though the Good Company Policy. Placing good in front of everything we do, from the planet, our clients, our people and the company we keep. Ensure we continue to make a difference.

Impact Projects

Skin Check Champions: Spot 2.0

We are working to build the world’s leading digital platform to prevent Skin Cancer. Due for release in late 2023.

Chumpy Pullin Foundation

We work with the Chumpy Pullin Foundation on Growth, Design and Development. This is a groundbreaking foundation doing critical work in youth mental health and development.

Indigenous Marathon Foundation

We have been working with IMF on designing and developing a world-class software solution to help youth in marginalised communities with movement and health.

Our Impact Project Outcomes

We have invested $329,655 in pro-bono work for brands focused on Indigenous Youth, Health and the Environment.

Impact Clients


Impact Projects


In Total
% of Business


On Impact

We are committed to ensuring that these purpose-driven projects make up a minimum of 20% of our total revenue by 2025. Additionally, we have pledged to use 1% of our profits to support organisations that are making a positive impact through pro bono work and direct donations. By working together for humanity.


Since 2009, we have been working and collaborating on design and creative initiatives that focus on driving human engagement and creativity. From our talk series with Vivid Sydney, IF TALKS, to Failcon at the MCA and our award winning digital magazine, Unluttered White Spaces, we have continued to innovative and create. In 2023, we continue to evolve our initiatives. These pages are currently being built, check back soon to learn more.

The Good Company

Our Good Company policy to align our business with our B Corp commitment and the global SDG's. Learn more about the Good Company in the menu.



RENY®Labs was established in 2012 to create, design and prototype WEB 3 projects. We are currently designing and developing three critical projects, TRANSEND, CLAY & MAYSIS. More soon.


White Label

Since 2020, RENY®Studio has provided white label design and development services to some of the worlds leading digital and design agencies. From New York, LA, London and Japan, our network is wide.



D-Lab is our content hub where we write and podcast about design & creativity. This is found on our Substack and Spotify. D-Lab has an ever evolving and continually growing audience.


White Papers

White papers are our free downloads and guides focused on Design Thinking, Sustainable Development and Design and Tips & Tricks on Web Design and Development. Coming soon.



Through our ongoing partnership with the Eco Friendly Web Alliance. We offer free services to our existing clients on turning all websites carbon negative. Websites represent 3.7% of all global emissions, we want to fix that. We call this, Goodsite.


Super Creative, Problem Solving Humans!

“Since 2009, we have partnered with super talented, creative humans obsessed with design thinking and a simple goal... to bring products and brands to life. This has been a rewarding journey with some amazingly talented humans.”

Ben RennieCEO, Founder

Ben Rennie

CEO, Founder

Nicola Rennie

DE&I, Co-Founder

Glenn Chandler

Creative Director

Austin Smidt

Digital Director

Angie Cooke

Customer Experience

Trung Ngyuen

Lead Developer

Jade Romano

WordPress Lead

Eve Dowly



Webflow Lead

Augustine Pippo

Shopify Plus Lead

Wally Shabbir

UX Lead


WordPress Lead

Building Brands of the Future.

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