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IBM’s Institute for Business Value has shown that CEOs value “Creativity” as the most effective trait.

For too many companies, their customers are becoming more and more connected to the gloabl community but unfortunately, they are becoming less connected to the company. With the world interconnected from an economic, social, and political persepective, its about time that CEOs started to address the complexity interconnections for business leaders around the world.

The only way to succeed today is with fresh, innovative thinking that is scalable throughout the organisation, from the ground floor to the CEO and back again. Today, businesses more than ever need to collaborate, listen, innovate and be creative in finding solutions.

In a recent IBM survey, here is what the crew at IBM had to say about “Creative Leadership”;


  • Disrupt the status quo. Every company has legacy products that are both cash—and sacred—cows. Often the need to perpetuate the success of these products restricts innovation within the enterprise, creating a window for competitors to advance competing innovations. As CEOs tell us that fully one-fifth of revenues will have to come from new sources, they are recognizing the requirement to break with existing assumptions, methods, and best practices.
  • Disrupt existing business models. CEOs who select creativity as a leading competency are far more likely to pursue innovation through business model change. In keeping with their view of accelerating complexity, they are breaking with traditional strategy-planning cycles in favor of continuous, rapid-fire shifts and adjustments to their business models.
  • Disrupt organizational paralysis. Creative leaders fight the institutional urge to wait for completeness, clarity, and stability before making decisions. To do this takes a combination of deeply held values, vision, and conviction—combined with the application of such tools as analytics to the historic explosion of information. These drive decisionmaking that is faster, more precise, and even more predictable.

Exciting isn’t it. Time to disrupt a few business models, shake up the status quo and fight the institutional urge to wait for stability and the right answers.

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